Monday 4 October 2010

Sunshine = print shoot

After waiting all last week for a bit of sunshine it finally came out long enough on Saturday morning for me to photograph prints for my website. Nothing too fancy - I just wanted some decent shots. Unfortunately I still don't have the worlds best camera (something I think I need to invest in) and therefore I think the results could have been better but they do the job I hope.

The two 30 x 40cm prints ('The Best Is Yet To Come' and 'Some Things Are Best Left Unsaid') are both hand screen printed in a signed edition of 100. They're packaged in tissue and a sturdy cardboard tube. They are now available to buy in my shop along with the Mini prints (shown at the bottom). Mini Prints is a set of three 13x18cm hand pulled screen prints. They come packaged in a lovely brown kraft folder bound in red and white twine. Dare I say they would make a lovely gift or even Christmas present!

I will be adding more new products to my shop in the coming weeks in readiness for the festive season. Due to Christmas card orders I start thinking about Christmas back in June but I don't really mention it much to those around me for fear of annoying them greatly. I always think that come October it's a bit more acceptable to mention it. Or perhaps not?!

On another note - anyone who may be wondering about my new website (is there anyone doing that? - I somehow doubt it very much!) it's still very much under construction but we are working on it and it will be a very exciting day in the (hopefully very) near future when I can actually announce it is done.

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