Wednesday 4 January 2012

And a happy new year!

Welcome back and a very happy 2012 to all!
I had a lovely break and feel refreshed and ready for action! Today was my first day back at my desk after 12 full days away from work. Apart from the usual festivities, eating too much, catching up with friends and family and watching some good films I didn't do a lot else. I had plans.... but relaxing came first and I think I mostly managed it for once.
I got some lovely Christmas presents - a few of which I thought I'd share. I have a very thoughtful family who know exactly what I like (and my sister reads my blog so she keeps a look out for what I've got my eye on!)
The charming little badges are by Lovely Pigeon, the wonderful Sea Regions map is by James Brown for Keep Calm Gallery and I've been poring over this book since I got it - Print and Pattern 2 from the writer of the blog Print & Pattern. It's provided me with some much needed colour and inspiration to get me ready to create some exciting new things for the year to come. I'm very excited - I've been having a good think about the direction I want to take things this year and changes are afoot!


M.M.E. said...

Wow, you got some REALLY good gifts! Those badges are adorable! said...

I agree, those badges are LUSH! Wonderful work!


ethan said...

Wow, there some really great ideas. I think people should give out free badges like this.

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