Friday 27 July 2012

New beginnings, summer and seaside

This post is a bit late coming - it's been a hectic 2 weeks.
We moved house and studio ok. It was all as stressful and emotional as I had expected - not helped by illness of both me and my husband - but we managed somehow and we're here and steadily getting back to some kind of normality. So here's a few very non work-related photos.
My temporary studio is great. The top photo is the view I have from my current studio and the photo below is what is going to be my studio eventually - after a bit of insulating and a few windows. I'm ridiculously excited about this and already planning what will go where. I have images in my head of a lovely light space with big windows, white walls and a big long white bench down one side and plenty of storage space.
Our country life is certainly being punctuated by the sounds of the country. Both me and my husband grew up on farms so we're used to it but I'm sure we have every imaginable animal somewhere within hearing distance - cows, horses, sheep, cockerels, geese, chickens....... we have them all close by.
And the colours are fantastic too. Maybe it's being somewhere new, exciting and different - I guess you see everything more vividly - the pea green (lovely pea plants left in by the previous owners) and bright flowers.

We've been adorning our new house with a bit of mustard coloured Orla Kiely (birthday and house-warming presents) and I'm being inspired by my birthday present from my good friend Jill - Modern Vintage Style by Emily Chalmers - which has led me in the direction of Tim Rundle whose inspirational photos on Pinterest I'm loving.

Lastly a birthday day out to the beach cleared our heads a little and also re-inforced the 'just moved' feel that we're on holiday. Even though we're not having a holiday this summer - moving (without the stress and packing of course) has given life a slightly temporary holiday feel (or maybe it's just down to the good weather we're having!!) Martha had lots of fun doing her beach drawings followed by chocolate ice-creams!

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