Friday 22 March 2013

Friday snippets

It's been a creative week full of designing new things, planning for Pulse, creating press releases and generally trying to get a bit ahead in time for the Easter Holidays. As usual I'm still way behind where I hoped to be at this point in the year but I've got into a bit of a creative zone towards the end of the week so lets hope I can sustain it for a few weeks and get all the plans into action. The ideas have been flowing freely and spilling out onto paper it's just getting them drawn properly, inked, scanned and cleaned up and then made into the something special (and whittling down the good from the bad). I'm having a big focus on social stationery at the moment and hope to have some new packs to show at Pulse if all goes according to plan. I feel very excited about new possibilities and ideas. 
Above is a preview of my new 1-5 kids age cards. I have so many children to buy for (friends of my daughters) and I struggle to find simple cards which are not gender specific and in fruity bright colours rather than the traditional blues and pinks. 
The images in grey and orange are a bit cryptic. - Something I've been working on today which when I separated it into layers was almost as good as when whole. I liked the abstract versions. Can you figure out what it'll say when put together.....?
Another note - you can also now find me on twitter @AHardcastle2   - the world of twitter was beckoning and I could resist no longer!

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