Monday 6 May 2013

Sun and work

My bank holiday was filled with sunshine but mostly looking at it from my studio door! I've been busy preparing for Pulse next weekend. I have my usual endless lists and things to do. I'm still hoping to get a sneaky print finished and into my catalogue in the next two days!! Plus I've been packing my new social stationery packs ready to launch at the show. I've been planning these for ages so feel very excited to finally be showing them.
Even though I was working it wasn't so bad - I had the studio door open for the first time and worked in silence with the sun shining in and the moo-ing, baa-ing and tweeting for company. Very peaceful and just what I needed to be as productive as possible. I was quite tempted to take something outside to do.....! I settled for a picnic lunch in the garden with my husband and daughter and then a pub tea as reward for working hard!

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