Monday 21 March 2011

Sunshine and springiness

Yay! All that lovely sunshine today must surely mean that spring is indeed here at long last?!
My weekend consisted of making birthday cakes, enjoying the spring sunshine by going to the seaside, eating fish and chips and doing some work. Nothing exciting but a nice weekend all the same.
I have a busy week ahead making 30 Bright Ideas for L'Oreal HQ, sending out orders, designing new things and working on my commission for Snowhome (more to come on this very soon.) I need the sunshine to spur me on as I feel a bit tired and it's only Monday.
A couple of weeks ago I did a blog interview for the lovely Clare and Anthony at Plaisir - a fine little shop in Biggar, Scotland. They posted it at the weekend and here it is. Not only do they have a great shop but like me they love their cake too. 'Cake of the week' part of their website is obviously a favourite of mine!

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