Thursday 20 October 2011

Hooray for Hello Polly!

The Hello Polly online shop has opened it's virtual doors and is packed full of fantastic art, design, gifts and accessories all of which have been carefully picked by Sarah. She's worked very hard sourcing lots of lovely things for the shop and the site is looking brilliant - well done! Pop along to the shop and see for yourself. There's also a few of my prints and cards in there too.
I've picked some of my favourites from the shop -
Top Left: Triangle box bag - Kate Sheridan, Top right: My Favourite Place Pillow -
Lucky Boy Sunday, Bottom left: Congeries print - Verity Keniger, Bottom right: Swan cushion - Mengsel.
Bicycle Pendant - The Yellow Owl Workshop
Hello World baby birth certificate - The Small Object
'A' print - Elsie Dodds


Petal to Petal said...

It's one of those sites where you just want everything :)!x

mydeerfriend said...

Agreed. Swoon.