Sunday 30 October 2011

Slight bit of trumpet blowing

I posted some months ago about my first run of litho printed cards which were ordered by Paperchase for their Christmas card range. It seems a long time ago since the order enquiry nearly bowled me over in Feb/March (my immediate thought was - 31,500 cards - how on earth am I going to print and pack all of those!........Obviously I quickly came to my senses and realised that this would not only be stupid but impossible so I found a printer).
And here they are in York Paperchase today. I've learnt a lot about dealing with quantities through having to do this order. It doesn't make the small orders from all my lovely independent stockists any less important as they are very important to me - I just wanted to share the journey with you.

Oh and I had a lovely day with my husband and daughter. Lunch out and a wander around York with a tired toddler - stressful but very happy to spend some time together.


Holly Surplice said...

Huge congrats on this Alison, it really is fantastic. You should be so proud! xx said...

I bought two of your cards Winter Wonderland & Grey Tree from Paperchase the other day. I doubt I'll love anyone enough to give them away! They are brilliant hope you sell masses of them.