Friday 1 February 2013

My week...

It's been a busy week of designing in the studio. I've been fulfilling orders on evenings and spending my days working on my new Christmas card designs for 2013! (Very early I know but some stockists need the samples early so they can begin the choosing process...). It's made a very welcome change to dedicate my time to creating and I've really enjoyed the week. I even managed a tiny bit of screen printing also. It feels like I've achieved the right balance in my working week for once.
Designing the cards and producing samples is quite a different process from this time last year when I was still screen printing them. Now I produce the artwork (in the same way as before - brush and ink, cut outs and mac) and then instead of heading to the print room to begin the colour mixing process I reach for my pantone colour chart. I did think it would make me enjoy the process that bit less but it doesn't seem so - I love looking at colours so whether it's mixing them by hand or choosing them from all the lovely colours on the chart it's still very much a creative process for me.
I've been favouring the warming burgundy and orange combination which will be a bit of a theme running through some of the new Christmas cards. A snuggly 'keeping warm by the fire' sort of combination I thought....!

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