Monday 11 July 2011

Hot off the press

So last week I took a ridiculously early train from York to Stevenage for a little day trip to give my Christmas cards the nod as they went to press. This is the first time I've had anything Litho printed so it was all quite exciting to see how it happens. It's been quite a journey getting to this point with them so it felt like quite a big step.
I took a couple of photos but they don't really show the process very well. I didn't like to bug all the people hard at work in there with all the big machines by running around with my camera and getting in the way. The photo of the Litho press looks more like a big oven in the top photo so not a very good portrayal!
The whole 31,500 cards took just 45 minutes to print - confirming that there was no way I could meet such an order by hand printing them. So they're now going to be creased, cut and packed ready to send (not by me I hasten to add!) They'll be appearing in Paperchase for Christmas as a separate range from my hand printed cards. Now I can see the potential of printing in this way though it's got me thinking.....

I had a little wander around Stevenage before catching the train back and my conclusion ..... what a bizarre place a 'new town' is. The whole architecture and feel of the city centre was very strange. I take for granted that living near York you just get used to the cobbles and the old buildings but faced with so much 50's and 60's architecture and town planning I missed the soul that an old city offers.

Sunday 10 July 2011

Holiday fun

Only a week since I got back and I've finally found a minute to say I'm back and post a few holiday snaps.
We had a lovely week in Norfolk soaking up the lovely British sunshine and 'relaxing'. Now when I say relaxing I mean endlessly and I would love to say tirelessly (but not true - we were both shattered by the end of each day) chasing a 2 year old. She has quite a determined streak and when she wants to go somewhere there is very little will stop her. Cue one or both of us permanently in pursuit! That and leisurely taking holiday photos do not mix so now my holiday photos are fewer than usual and less varied (endless photos of Martha as I try and capture her while she refuses to stay anything like still and less 'arty' shots!) It was all good fun and we did love Norfolk - lots of places to visit, lovely sandy beaches, many great places to eat and Norfolk Agricultural show was great too (hence the chicken photo - quite a poser I'd say!)

So back to work last week with a jolt, a very full inbox and a stack of orders to send. I spent a day down at the printers in Hertfordshire seeing my Christmas cards for Paperchase go to press. All very exciting. I'll post some photos tomorrow.....