Friday 23 December 2011

Have a ............

That's me finished for this year. I'm having a little festive break and relaxing for the next week and a half after a very busy year. I'll be back in my studio on Wednesday 4th January so have a very very Merry Christmas and here's to an exciting 2012!

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Christmas round-up

Here's a little festive glimpse of a few of my favourite Christmassy things.
The tree photos are of the newest additions to our Christmas tree. We don't have a very co-ordinated tree but instead have a very eclectic mixture of decorations which have caught my eye over time. I bought a few wooden stars from Posh Graffiti this year. Also - the best find was the vintage baubles which my mum had hidden away which belonged to my Grandma and Grandad and I think they're beautiful. They're so much daintier and prettier than all the naff stuff in the shops these days. Plus they're a little worn and have a bit of history about them. Needless to day they're high up away from small hands!
We have some lovely cards sent to us by talented friends including the stag card by Dear Prudence and the robin postcard is by Anwen Williams.
The Elk card is by the very talented Paul Farrell. I love this card and wish I had bought one for someone. The Christmas tree cards in beautiful greens are Our Workshop. The bottom four images are from the brilliant Present and Correct which is a constant favourite of mine. I love their clean and quirky style. They combine a bit of humour, lovely colours, originality and stationery which is a pretty great combination for me. I found all these images a few weeks ago but haven't had time/forgot to post them so apologies if you see something you like and now can't order it in time - bit frustrating possibly! I wanted to share them before the festivities were all done with for another year.
I'll hopefully be back with a little farewell post before I collapse on the sofa and try my best to relax over Christmas and new year!

Monday 19 December 2011

Hurry Hurry!

I've been parcelling and packing and getting orders out for the last couple of weeks. Lots of standing in the Post Office queue for me again!! All part of the Christmas build-up.
Tomorrow is the last postage day for orders from my shop if you want delivery of your parcel in time for Christmas so hurry hurry and order a lovely print or hand printed card for that extra special person for Christmas. Orders must be placed before midnight tonight to be posted tomorrow. I'll be blogging some festive photos before Friday as things calm down (here's hoping!) as the week goes on. Have a super festive week!