Friday 27 January 2012

Word Map of London

I took delivery of a very brand new exciting print today. Word Map of London - my latest collaboration with Snowhome was launched by Angus and the Snowhome team at Home show a couple of weeks ago. We had a little day-trip down to London to check out the show and to see the newly launched London map. It was really good to see it all finished, framed up and on display in all it's glory so to speak.
It's strange but as with the last map typological map I did with Snowhome once I've finished the many many hours hand drawing I tend to view and appreciate it from afar rather than getting 'up close' to it like I noticed others were doing (- so they could read the specific words). I worked so very near to it and intensely that - as with the the British Isles map I was again amazed that the overall affect when I stood back at the end was of a fully recognisable and definable shape of London. I can therefore appreciate it with a 'detachedness' that I wouldn't have expected from a piece I spent so many hours on.

Yet again Angus' meticulous research yielded some very amusing, interesting and diverse words and clich├ęs which provided me with much hilarity when juxtaposing them with other words. I always had to be quite conscious of alternating the different hand drawn types I used and making sure they didn't run into each other and create unreadable consequences. I would certainly say I know my London boroughs and London history and geography much better now! As with last time it was an education as well as a commission!

So - some statistics for you for the creation of this epic London map:
It contains 339 sets of words (don't quote me on it - that's approximate by my counting).
It required 4 x size 01 paintbrushes (I couldn't use them once they had a hair out of place for the very fine small text!) and one pot of indian ink and a very very steady hand!

Finally - they're available from both my shop and Snowhome (also in their bricks and mortar shop on Gillygate in York - go and have a look if you're in York.)

I hope you like it!

Wednesday 4 January 2012

And a happy new year!

Welcome back and a very happy 2012 to all!
I had a lovely break and feel refreshed and ready for action! Today was my first day back at my desk after 12 full days away from work. Apart from the usual festivities, eating too much, catching up with friends and family and watching some good films I didn't do a lot else. I had plans.... but relaxing came first and I think I mostly managed it for once.
I got some lovely Christmas presents - a few of which I thought I'd share. I have a very thoughtful family who know exactly what I like (and my sister reads my blog so she keeps a look out for what I've got my eye on!)
The charming little badges are by Lovely Pigeon, the wonderful Sea Regions map is by James Brown for Keep Calm Gallery and I've been poring over this book since I got it - Print and Pattern 2 from the writer of the blog Print & Pattern. It's provided me with some much needed colour and inspiration to get me ready to create some exciting new things for the year to come. I'm very excited - I've been having a good think about the direction I want to take things this year and changes are afoot!