Sunday 24 June 2012

Pulse 2012

A belated post of my stand at Pulse 2012 this year (2 weekends ago).
Against what seemed sometimes like all the odds and after a very tiring few weeks I made it to Pulse with a fully digitally converted range of cards, new prints and new gift wrap.
I had a very positive response to everything, met lots of new people and gained new stockists.  Living and working where I do (in the middle of Yorkshire) trade fairs are a very important way for me to meet new people, see my stockists, get feedback and do a bit of 'networking'. Otherwise it can be a lonely old job sat at my mac and stood at my screen bed! It's always nice to get out and realise what and who else is out there.
Launchpad was looking very good this year and there were some very well-designed stands. It was my 4th Pulse and I've got to know fellow exhibitors over the years and it's nice that we fall into the same trade fair routines of dinner at The Troubadour, taking turns fetching coffees and chatting in-between the passing people. 
I'll be posting a bit more about my new designs, products and changes over the coming week. We have a pending house-move in the next 2 weeks so I have a busy week trying to get myself ahead in preparation.