Tuesday 30 July 2013

50 years of creativity

At the weekend I went across to north Wales to the opening of a new exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre.
The exhibition 'David Frith, Margaret Frith: 50 Years of Brookhouse Pottery' is a celebratory exhibition marking the couples 50 years of industrious creativity since starting up their pottery together in the 60's. Instead of it being a retrospective the large gallery space contained nearly all new work (some of which only came out of the kiln the day before!) This shows how hard they work and how dedicated they have quite obviously remained for the last 50 years to what they do.
As they're my sister's in-laws I've known David and Margaret for a few years and they've never stood still. Despite turning 70 this year they continue to build (quite literally with kiln sheds popping up left right and centre at the Brookhouse!) on their success and strive to do more with their pots.
I couldn't resist a few photos of their pottery also. I love seeing where the magic happens with creative people. It's always special to gain a little insight into everyday practices and working life.

It's a huge achievement to have been so prevalent in the ceramics world for so long that they must feel very proud. - But I suppose to them it just feels quite normal. I just hope that my enthusiasm for what I do stretches into my 70's and I too can still be enjoying creating work and striving to do more and make more in 30 years time.

Monday 29 July 2013

A Map of the World (and a very good present!)

If you love a good map and in particular a well designed map that's a little bit different and presents the information in a curious and beautiful way then this is the book for you. It's called 'A Map of the World: According to Illustrators and Storytellers' by Antonis Antoniou (published by Die Gestalten Verlag)
I received a copy for my birthday and it's so beautiful to look through it's been living on the coffee table for the past week as I can't stop picking it up. All the maps are so unique and clever I'm feeling quite inspired.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Artists for Alphabet bags

I've been a big fan of Alphabet Bags and their sister company The Calm Gallery for many years so I was very very pleased indeed to be asked to join with them on their latest collection and provide a design for the Artists For Alphabet Bags range.
They've teamed up with me and 7 other artists (Berinmade, Dinara Mirtalipova, Erin Mcintyre, Hazel Nicolls, Karin Akesson, Laura Seaby and Seb Lester) to bring you cheerful designs from around the world on sturdy natural cotton totes. And I'm in very good company as the other designs are fab!
They're launched today so head over to their website and have a look. My design -  'The Best Is Yet To Come' bag is now in stock in my shop and you can read more about husband and wife team Lucas and Hayley of Alphabet Bags and see the other designs on their website.

All images are courtesy of Alphabet Bags.

Friday 12 July 2013

Fresh summery colours

The balmy summery days have made me think about beautiful hazy colour combinations.
The top two images are Imogen Heath Design - perfect colours for long summer days.
The quilts in the middle are by Meg Callahan - I just love the clean striking designs even though its not quilt weather!
I saw the work of Mae Engelgeer (bottom image) in this months Elle Decoration and I think the unusual design and colour mix work so well and look so fresh.

I've had a busy week working on a new commission/collaboration. I've really enjoyed getting my teeth into it this week and working in the studio with the door open and the sun streaming in. Long may it last....!
Have a great weekend.