Monday 20 December 2010

Ok, enough of the cold now.

Ok. I know it's very pretty and it's lovely and wintery and all that but I'm going to be a bit grumpy about the cold now. Now it's no longer just Brrrrr but plain annoying when I'm trudging back and forth with kettles of water and struggling to print with hands which feel like blocks of ice! I was printing (very slowly!) at the weekend and everything is ten times harder in this weather. First my pressure washer has been frozen up and now all the water to my print room is also frozen up (hence the back and forth with water.) So out came the trusty old ( and very retro!) 60's/70's electric three bar heater from my Mum and Dad and I was toasty and warm. I remember it well from when I was growing up. Not quite sure about it's energy efficiency or it's safety come to think of it but it's heat was very welcome.
On a similar note I've been attempting to re-learn how to sew so that I can make a fabulous curtain for our front door - to keep the draught and cold out (and also with the possiblity of screenprinted cushions in the future... where I'll find the time for that I don't know!) So I have borrowed my mum's old sewing machine. Now this is another bit of 70's kit of my mum's which reminds me of my childhood. I don't think I appreciated at the time what a lovely object it is - and what a great colour!
Anyway...... other than all that faffing around I've been very very busy work-wise. I've had quite a lot of last minute orders required before Christmas (a lot of queuing in the Post Office) plus some to keep me busy in the New Year. Today I've been busy working on a design commission for a London shop - one of my stockists. I'll post some images of this when it's finished.
Lists for January have begun - and it's looking very full. My planned time-off at Christmas is dwindling somewhat.
I've also posted a photo of our Hardcastle family Christmas card. This year I opted to screen print a design I did for us rather than the usual dipping in to my card stock! I'm quite pleased with it.

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Jacqui Dodds said...

I can sympathise with you as I haven't been able to screen print because of no water at our print studio due to burst pipes. We have just had a few more inches of snow overnight - not the thing I wanted!
Love the design of your Christmas card.