Friday 11 February 2011

Cards, cards and more cards

Well the photo above just about sums up my week.
I've spent the entire week cutting, packing and folding. On the upside it's fantastic to be busy and I can't believe that I'm managing to get the volume of cards out that I am. On the downside I've been over-doing and consequently haven't been well this week. So battling to get orders out while feeling rotten hasn't been the most fun.
I can't wait to spend some time on new designs so I have lots of lovely new cards and prints to add to my range - and so there's something a bit more exciting to look at on here. Fingers crossed for a bit of breathing space soon and the chance to do something new.
I'm going to try to take it easy this weekend but with a courier collection booked in for Monday morning I have a feeling that Sunday night will be a late one.

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