Wednesday 13 April 2011

Right Royal Memorabilia

I've been quite surprised by how much creative Royal memorabilia has appeared on blogs and websites over the past few months. With a Royal wedding looming you expect the usual plates, bowls, tea-towels and mugs and Royal wedding memorabilia is not famed for being the most stylish or fashionable but a huge number of designers have embraced the opportunity to design their own creative takes on these traditionally fairly dull mass-produced commemorative pieces. Of course there will still be the dull mass-produced 'tat' which accompanies such an occasion but there's also some witty, hand printed and limited edition pieces.
I'm not particularly Royalist or anti-Royalist but the collector in me loves the whole idea of memorabilia and how that can be a little piece of history to be kept over time. I also love the way that while the big companies see it as a way to make money, the small designers are making well-designed alternatives for the reason that memorabilia was made in the first place - to commemorate a special day with a lasting piece. I also like it if that's done with a keen design eye and a small touch of humour.
So my 'William and Kate' mug arrived yesterday from designer Fifi Howard. It will go on the shelves in the kitchen as a little piece of history. I've bought it for our daughter Martha as the 29th April will be her 2nd birthday so we'll be having a small party- not necessarily for the wedding - though I will watch it - but to celebrate our little girls birthday (2 years already - how did that happen?!)

Mug - Fifi Howard, gloves - Donna Wilson, Print - Glyn West Design , Tea Towel - Charlotte Lucie Farmer

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Wellies and Vogue said...

wow isn't it amazing WIlls and Kate is everywhere! SO tempting to get something but not quite sure what!

Love the mug and how much fun celebrating a 2nd Birthday as well as THE wedding of the year!