Tuesday 29 November 2011

Perfect Christmas present

Just a little reminder that the Word Map of The British Isles print is available in my shop. It makes an original as well as informative present and provides a real talking point in our kitchen! Everyone has their favourite bit - even our daughter!
So get yourself to the shop and snap one up.

Work on the new collaboration with Snowhome is well underway and we're very excited about it. I'm busying away with my paintbrush and Angus is busying away with his research. Keep your eye out for the new collaboration which will be finished end of December/early January. I won't say any more than that - I'll keep you all suspended a little longer!
In the meantime get over to the Snowhome website and follow the link on the blog to vote for them in the Telegraph shop awards. And while you're on their website purchase yourself some fantastically original and well-designed Chistmas presents - or better still visit the shop in York.

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