Friday 3 February 2012

Jolly cold

Brrrr. It's a cold day. The first properly cold day we've had for a while. I love the sunny frosty days but the heating has had to be constantly in my studio so far today to keep me toasty while I'm sat at the computer doing a bit of designing.
The fantastic photos above are unfortunately not mine and are curtesy of a new-found blog 'Souvenirs' (via The Seventy Tree Feb links). Niina is in Finland and it looks even chillier over there at the moment - but very pretty. I love her photographs - the colours in them are amazing and she looks like she's rather fond of a coffee and sweet treat same as me!


eringrace said...

Brr indeed! Stay warm Alison... have a lovely weekend! Erin x

Dear Prudence said...

Oh I love this blog. thanks for the introduction. And thanks for the message on my blog. Very busy, I can't handle it all myself. Clemens in going into super speed and I am feeling behind. Hope you are well. We should get together for a coffee xx

katymitten said...

These photos are super cute. They really are.. Makes me want to snuggle down with a nice cuppa tea!

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