Sunday 27 May 2012

Hot & Orange

It's been a hot and sticky printing day today. I would have loved to have been out in the sun but the sunshine streaming through into my print room door was good enough instead. I was even printing with a very sunny summery orange to match the weather. (It was for a new card - I'll be posting lots of new things in the coming week or two.) And even the rubbish bin looked colourful today with lovely bright blues, oranges and reds.
It's busy busy in the Alison Hardcastle studio at the moment with all the Pulse preparation and lots of orders and commissions. On top of that I have some major changes in the next couple of weeks - the biggest being my long-deliberated transition from screen printed cards to digital press. If this happens according to plan I'll be launching them at Pulse at Earls Court on the 10th, 11th and 12th of June. Fingers crossed. I'm also hoping that this week will see the delivery of my newest products - a small range of gift wrap (just 2 designs to start with). I'm very excited to see what it looks like and I'll be posting pictures hopefully this week. So another fingers crossed for that one too. Plus there will be a new limited edition print or two at Pulse.
As always the planning and preparation of a trade fair has taken over my life for a few weeks and just when everyone else is enjoying bank holidays and the long-awaited summer sun I seem to be stuck inside working harder than ever. (Although we did manage a bbq at my sisters tonight so there was a bit of relaxing time!)

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