Tuesday 11 September 2012

'Gift Wrap: not just for wrapping presents anymore'


I really should have blogged about these months ago.
This is my new venture into gift wrap which I designed in Spring and launched at Pulse. It's taken me far too long to get around to publicising them properly. I can only say my excuse its moving house and the associated stresses and the sheer work load which I've had over summer.

Anyway - I suddenly realised that I've been blogging about other peoples work and beautiful patterns and haven't properly shown my own.

I've been thinking about designing and producing some high quality gift wrap for ages and was very picky about paper weight and print quality. I've gone for a lovely weighty 100gsm matt uncoated 100% recycled paper and it's great - it really feels like it's quality wrapping paper for special gifts. In fact when I was designing it I was very inspired by the line used as the title of this post - Gift wrap: not just for wrapping presents anymore (credit: the fabulous Egg Press). They have it so right. Gift wrap is much more than just a throwaway piece of paper which you wrap a gift in. I like to choose lovely papers and wrap gifts for people who will really appreciate some nice outer loveliness. Aside form wrapping gifts I wanted to design something which could line drawers & shelves, be used for making things, for decoration or even framing small bits. I keep all sorts of scraps of old beautiful gift wrap given to me.

Lastly my inspiration. Well - the blue one (which I'm calling Graphic Doodle) was an extension of all the lovely geometric doodlings I do and the various bunting/flag/pattern embellishments which my cards feature. I rolled them all into one big piece - literally. I couldn't work on a small piece of paper and fit it all together - that lost the original feel. So I worked to scale and inked it all out using my trusty 01 paint brush, Indian ink and pen. It gives it the hand drawn wobbliness which I so love.
The light charteuse green one (shapes) was taken from a quick hand painted pile of semi-circles which had been on my wall for a few years waiting for the right opportunity. I pieced a few together and was rather pleased with the simple but effective result.

So there you have it. It's been selling well and I have many more ideas in the pipeline. Now I've dipped my toe in the gift wrap world I want to do more!! Next time I'll be a little quicker at blogging about it!

I've just added both designs to my shop so you can now buy it by the sheet.


Waseem said...

Like the gift wrapping idea...I would like to wrap Gift Card envelopes with it.

Jo Jo said...

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Birds&Words said...

Hi Alison,
Firstly, love the wrapping paper!
I have been a fan of your work since my sister bought me one of your 'Bon Voyage' cards ages a go from The Yard gallery in Holywood, Co.Down.
I actually met you, if only breifly at Pulse, we had a stand there too. Loved your merchandising!
Im a screenprinter too, and also love letterpress. Our company, Birds&Words produce original prints, but we are starting to look into other products. The only problem is knowing where to start! However we are keen to develop some notebooks, and I wanted to ask you how/where you get yours made. Are they completely done by hand or do you order blank books to then print on? They really don't teach you stuff like this in Art College!
If you have a minute (I know you have a crazy schedule!) please drop me a note on your methods!
Jessica x