Friday 24 September 2010

Jane Foster

Our very lucky daughter received a Jane Foster cat for her birthday back in April (thank you Auntie Jill!). I hadn't previously come across Jane's work but when I searched to see if she had a website I found she does a fabulously bright range of textiles and prints. I love her use of simple colour set against stark white backgrounds (which carries into her home and photography too) and beautiful vintage textiles. She has a blog which shows her work, home and inspirations. It's become a must-check blog for me. She has the most organised, tidy and spacious studio I've ever seen. I'm very jealous. If you saw my teeny tiny studio you'd know why. I'll blog some photos of my studio one day soon so you can see for yourselves.
I love the photo of all the cats together - brilliant fabrics and the multiples thing in photos always appeals to me. I think we may have to add to the cat soon with a lovely print or cushion.

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