Wednesday 8 September 2010

Thinking time

Being mum to a very busy 16 month old means that my working pattern has changed hugely. When she's at nursery I print, design, cut, fold, make and package. What I don't seem to have any more are those lovely self-indulgent times sitting at my desk with a cup of tea and lots of time to think, day-dream and generally let my mind wander about my work. I have to stay very busy and very focused now.
As a result I sometimes feel I'm lacking the time to stand back and review what I'm doing, what I need to do next and the general direction my work is travelling.
This is where out walks come in. We're often found meandering around our small town or the surrounding countryside! She gets to see the world from her pushchair and I get to have a little 'thinking and inspiration time'. I think we both enjoy it.
Here are some snaps from todays wanderings. We often walk past the local allotments and how I would love to go in and have a nosy around all those old sheds and green houses but as the sign says - I'm not allowed. Shame.

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