Monday 25 October 2010

German inspiration and sneak peek

I was recently given this German book by a good illustrator friend. She bought it on her travels in Berlin and it's full of illustrations of German 'types' of people - very up my street as I've always been fascinated with stereotypes which formed the basis of a lot of my work as a student.
I just think the combination of type, colours and illustrations are really different and interesting and the colour combinations are really unusual but work really well. It reminds me to look at all my other books on the book shelf which sit there gathering dust when they should be being looked at and inspiring me.
Also here's a little sneak peek of the new card designs I've been working on. They're Mother's and Father's day cards - very early I know (that's the result of working with bigger retailers - more on that to come). I'm really pleased with the results and it just goes to show I'm working and designing quicker and quicker these days - designing 5 cards and printing samples took less time than ever. I'm getting speedier! I'll post the full designs in all their glory soon.


Plaisir said...

Hi Alison,

Love your new blog, and those cards are beautiful! Really like the new branding you designed for Boo Vake too. Hope you're grand, and will be in touch soon about Christmas cards!

Clare x

mydeerfriend said...

Hi Alison!

I am a big fan of your typographic cards! They have helped inspire a project for me at uni.

That looks like a lovely, lovely book too...what a nice friend you have!

Keep drawing xx