Friday 15 April 2011

Working music

I don't get out much these days!
I had a rare night out on Wednesday to see Beth Orton play at our local Arts Centre in Pocklington (a really valuable part of our small town as it's a cinema/music/comedy/theatre venue - somewhere I visit more and more lately.) Beth Orton was great and reminded me to listen back to my albums. She was supported by a slightly crazy-seeming guy called Sam Amidon who played his guitar and/or banjo interspersed with the odd comment and surreal story. However I was intrigued by his music and have just downloaded his album 'I See The Sign'. It's just what I wanted right now while I'm trying to busy away and concentrate on new designs - folky and subdued and good to work to. I recommend it.

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mydeerfriend said...

I was charmed by Sam Amidon's set at Green Man last year, thanks for reminding me to look him up again! x