Friday 13 May 2011

Another crazy week

At the moment it feels like I'm juggling so much my head is starting to hurt a little.
So - this was my week (or some of it - it was actually a way longer list than this):
1. Design and print as many new cards and prints as possible.
2. Quotes for a potentially huge order.
3. Pulse preparation - it's approaching way too fast and there's still cabinets to paint, vinyls to decide on and order, invitations to send out and a catalogue to finalise.
4. Finish my recent commission for So Tiny London
5. Orders to pack and send out to Paperchase, Oklahoma (Manchester), Found (Bath),

Busy busy!
And it's set to continue for the next few weeks. A night off - now that would be a real treat!

I've posted a few photos relating to all of the above - a glimpse of new cards and the
So Tiny London design to be used for promotional purposes for their shop. A pleasure to work with Emma once more.


Wellies and Vogue said...

busy bee... lots of exciting things going on though!

Claire@PancakeHQ said...

Loved the little "hello" card I got through the post today! Hope to see you at Pulse, and hope the run up isn't too stressful!

Claire Senior
The Curious Pancake