Monday 23 May 2011


Be careful what you wish for!
The last post I was lamenting having a night off doing nothing. Well the next morning I woke up covered in spots having caught chickenpox from my nephew. Four days and nights laid in bed and on the sofa ensued so I got my time off - just not quite what I had in mind and at my most busy time.
I feel much better now and am much less spotty. I wasn't going to post pictures of my own spots so instead here are some photos of some other spots. This is a lovely childhood game I've just re-discovered through my daughter. Thanks to my mum for never having thrown any of our toys away some wonderful 70's toys are appearing all the time for my daughter and her cousins to play with. They've really stood the test of time. I always prefer the graphics of the old ones too. Ladybirds may creep into my work somewhere soon as I love the shapes and my daughter Martha has had a bit of a fascination with them of late.

Back on the chickenpox/work subject. I'm feeling 100% now and cracking on at full speed this week as I think it's a matter of days before Martha comes down with it and less than 2 weeks until Pulse.

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