Friday 26 August 2011

Nostalgic music

I've had a lovely morning in my studio doing a bit of designing and then card folding. I found the rain strangely comforting and enjoyed a coffee and listening to some old music while I worked. I watched two thirds of Good Will Hunting the other night (missed the first bit) and it reminded me how much I liked Elliot Smith on the soundtrack. I dug out 'From Basement On The Hill' and put it on my computer. It reminds me of a certain time in my life when I was went on exchange from Edinburgh College of Art to Strasbourg L'Ecole Des Arts Decoratif. Listening to it this morning brought back memories of icy cold Strasbourg that winter, cycling around the city with my good friend Siri and many many hot chocolates and far too many freshly baked pastries!! While I was feeling nostalgic I also popped Broadcast's Work and No Work on - listened to a lot while at Art College after being introduced to it by my Norwegian friends (Siri and Mildrid). Music can evoke so many memories and really change my mood. This morning, despite the sombreness of the music it's lifted my spirits past the gloominess of the bad weather!

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mydeerfriend said...

Lovely Elliott Smith album...especially for the transition into Autumn! Twilight is my favourite x