Wednesday 24 August 2011

Pedal power!

I was a very lucky girl indeed and received a lovely bike for my birthday from my husband. I haven't had chance to go for many long rides on it yet but I have been using it a lot for my regular Post Office trips. I've always felt very lazy when I need to go to the Post Office and due to time constraints I end up going the short distance in the car rather than walking (I simply haven't got the time when I have to get back to do more work before going to do the nursery pick-up.) So for some time now I've been saying I'd like a bike to pop into town and do short errands such as these. Hey presto! - I now have a bike. I'm hoping to add a lovely basket to the front very soon. It might make me look a tiny bit like a granny but I don't care. I like my bike.The only problem is that I'm using the fact that I'm biking to justify combining the Post Office trip on a Wednesday afternoon with a trip to the nearby cafe who have the most lovely selection of home-made cakes. It's so easy to get one to take-away and have it at home with a cup of tea that it's becoming a little bit of a habit already!

I seem to be back in full blog-swing - 3 posts in nearly as many days already!
I've been doing a little bit of blog reading and caught up with some lovely new things out there and I feel a little more inspired. I'll do a little post about my findings soon.
After finishing some orders today I spent a couple of hours working on a few last-minute Christmas card designs. I know this sounds silly but it really is last minute in the card world as they should have been done last month at least - and then I'm not as early as some people.

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