Thursday 12 April 2012


Houses are on my mind.
We're still house-hunting. -Looking for somewhere which will be our family home to replace the one we've made - a much harder task than I thought it would be. We love our house and it's become home for the three of us but we've sadly outgrown it and need somewhere a bit bigger (a bigger studio is on the wish list). We're finding it very hard to find somewhere to live up to our hopes and dreams and expectations (in budget) and which will be a worthy replacement for the home we've created here. I'm much more emotionally attached to it than I initially thought.
It's all taking up far too much time - physically and mentally. I still hope we find somewhere we can happily call home again and with a studio space where my business will have the room I'm longing for.
It's made me realise again just how important my work-space is to me and I hope I can re-create my little snug studio (albeit a hopefully bigger version) wherever we end up. Disruptions such as this disrupt my thoughts and creativity so I hope it won't go on much longer.

Above are House page markers and Bird house keyring available from Snowhome. Also Ferm house shelves and the house image is adapted from my Happy New Home card.

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Joy Herman said...

Oh Alison I feel for you. It is a very stressful undertaking looking for and moving into a new home. I wish you all the best with it. Can you extend? Don't move just improve!