Wednesday 25 April 2012

Jackie Magpie

I did a little interview with Lizzie from the Jackie Magpie blog which is featured on the blog today. If you  want a little insight into the world of Alison Hardcastle go and have a read.
Answering questions on myself and my work is always a really useful way of re-evaluating things for me.
Thanks Lizzie.

I'm very much flat-out at the moment in preparation for Pulse and the many other things which are all falling within June (commissions, house-moving, out-sourcing printing.......)
My days are filled with:
Designing (the fun bit)
Printing, packing and despatching orders (as always)
Organisational things for Pulse
Communicating with printers
Trying to squeeze more than is actually possible into each day.....

Full steam ahead!

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Dear Prudence said...

Great Interview Alison. Really enjoyed reading it