Monday 2 July 2012

New cards

Here are some of my new cards which I recently launched at Pulse. A bit of a mixed bag of occasion, patterned, phrase and Valentines (bit out of season I know -  they sell very well all year round to the old romantics out there!) And there's a nod to the Olympics with the top one - we can only hope!
I'll put some of these in my shop this week and try to have a little re-fresh. It's all a little tricky as I'm gradually getting surrounded by boxes - moving day scheduled for the 11th - next Wednesday. So much to do. I have a whole studio to pack up and transport. Not looking forward to that at all. But I am looking forward to my new bigger studio in the garden. It needs work and I won't be able to re-locate to it just yet (I'm going to be working in the house until I get sorted) but all in good time.
All the new card designs are now on my website.

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