Thursday 5 July 2012

End Of An Era.....

Sums it all up nicely really.
After 5 years of hand screen printing my cards this week I switched over to digitally printed cards (I still have stock left of hand printed cards so the stock in my own shop will continue to be hand printed until this has gone.) It was a huge and much-deliberated decision for me but in the end it was something I had to do in order not to spend every waking moment printing, folding, trimming and packing cards. It was getting a little crazy. Keeping on top of the stock of more than 82 cards was taking all of my time up and not leaving any time to develop as many new ideas as I'd like (and not to mention spend some time with my husband and daughter without working every evening.)
It took many months of colour-matching my originals and getting them 'just so' (I am very fussy - but then I needed to be to keep the quality the same) but in the end I am very happy with the lovely flat colour of the fancy HP indigo digital printer being used. It almost replicates that lovely flat colour I so love about screen printing. (I haven't stopped printing for good though - I plan to do more prints and experiment a bit more with what I print)
So after launching the digitally printed cards at Pulse to a very positive response (most people couldn't tell any difference) this week I received the 10,000 stock of cards to keep me going for now. Hmmmm - where to put them all..........!
......Which leads me to my second part of this 'End Of An Era' blog post. After tomorrow I will be having a 'week off'. I call it a week off but all it means is I won't be able to send out orders and reply to emails as often. What it really is is 'moving week'. After 5 years of our lovely home and my very small garage studio we're moving to pastures new. Quite literally. We're moving out of our small town to an even smaller village. I'll be packing up my studio on Monday and Tuesday and transporting it to a new home and new studio. It will be fun, tiring, sad, happy and exciting all rolled into one very emotional week I imagine. I'll post from my new studio if not before!

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