Tuesday 2 April 2013

A farmers wife

It's not very glamorous and not the most chic designer environment but this is the reality of my life out of work time. My husband is a farmer and although we don't live on the family farm ourselves we do spend a lot of time there especially on weekends. Whilst helping out with the lambs this Easter weekend I had a little wander around with my camera phone (hence not best quality - I'm getting lazy not taking my camera out as much these days - need to change this..) and snapped a few dusty corners and bits of interest. I concluded that the lambs are not very good subjects though - this was the least blurry of all the photos - too frenetic and lively for my amateur photographing!
Sometimes it takes looking through a lense to notice all those little nooks and crannys which you walk past so often and don't see.

Back in the studio I'll be spending this week shoe-horning as much work as possible into the few days (and evenings) at my desk that I can manage - Easter school holidays continue to cause me problems! One more week to go....

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