Monday 15 April 2013

Last week

Last week was one a bit out of the ordinary for us.
I was contacted back in January by a Belgian lady called Adeline. She wanted to improve her English and preferably in a creative environment. Last week she stayed with us for the week and helped me out in the studio. - And she was very helpful indeed. She packed cards and updated my website shops and generally helped me out and in return I showed her out to screen print.
It was lovely to have some creative company in the studio for the week and we talked about books, upcoming fairs/markets, websites, ideas and passive houses while we worked.... It was great to broaden my horizons a little for the week and have a refreshing change to the usual routines. It also made me realise how much I miss the chit-chat of a shared studio situation.
In short I'm very glad I said yes back in January and that I've met a new creatively like-minded friend.

Take a look at Adeline's website and keep checking back as she'll be launching her new crafting company Fleur de Champs website very soon.


adeline ( said...
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adeline ( said...

Thanks a lot Alison ! It was a great week for me too !
My new website is now online :
See you soon!