Monday 30 August 2010

Print, cut, fold, print, cut, fold.........

It's been a long summer of printing, folding, cutting and packing cards and books.
I did Pulse 2010 at Earls Court at the beginning of June and it's been non-stop ever since.
I love being busy and most definitely am not complaining as I'm at my happiest when I'm busying away in my print room or studio but sometimes I feel a little like I'm on a conveyor belt. I know that if I out-sourced my printing it would free up more time for designing and making other new cards and products and I wouldn't be working until stupid-o'clock every night.
The trouble is I just love the printing and making process too much. I love mixing colours and getting them just right and then labelling my jar of ink for future use. I really enjoy spending time in my print room and I love the physical making process. It just feels like I've properly 'made' something. For me it was always about my products being hand made. I have nothing at all against non hand made products and cards, it's just that for me printing and making are what makes me tick.
So I will continue (at least for now) to print, fold and cut.

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