Wednesday 26 January 2011

All things baby

It's been a busy January. I know we're not at the end just yet but it feels like it's been a long month to me. I've been busying away with printing and orders. My Not On The High Street shop is proving to be busy meaning many more trips to the Post Office. Martha (our not quite yet 2 year old) is getting very familiar with the Post Office routine now!
I mentioned in December about some design work I'd been commissioned to do for a London baby boutique called So Tiny London. That's finished now and the results are above. The brief was to create a black and white design to be used on shop branded cards/business cards incorporating the shop name in my hand-drawn type with lots of baby things surrounding it. A candy-shop of baby bits and bobs.
I had fun doing it and re-visiting all those baby things which our little girl is growing out of so fast!

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