Friday 7 January 2011

I know this is a little late but Happy New Year!
I had a lovely Christmas and New Year break - I really felt I needed it after a pretty hectic 6 months. I managed to stay away from my computer and desk - more because work chaos was replaced by lots of catching-up with friends and family from a-far. It was really great to see everyone as usual.
Traditionally I always love January. Not for all the resolutions but because I always get a feel of optimism when it's January again. While most people hate the dull and dreary weather (that is understandable in the current weather and I too will probably moan about it very soon!) I enjoy the feeling that the whole year is ahead of me and I can start creating some new and exciting designs and prints. I love to plan lots of fresh new things for the next few months. I've always had the luxury of having a fairly quiet first couple of months of the year though so my optimistic January mood is being challenged somewhat by my very extensive workload at the moment. I've certainly been jolted back to work with a big bump as I face a massive amount of work to do over the next 3 weeks. This mainly comprises of card and book orders to fulfill, more books to print and make and another online shop to set up (more about this to come) as well as accounts and the design work I started before Christmas to finish (more on this to come also.) Not to worry. I'm also trying to face these challenges with my January optimism (my husband may disagree with me!) and I start day-dreaming about making myself more efficient over the forthcoming year and possibly employing someone to do all the cutting, folding and packing to free me up to do all the lovely design and print bits. I think I can dream on for now but there's nothing wrong with a bit of January optimism in my books - afterall spring will be just around the corner and that really is something to look forward to!

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