Thursday 13 January 2011


After much deliberation I joined Not On The High Street before Christmas and my page has just gone live this week. I haven't got a lot on there just yet - it all had to happen quite quickly so I'll be adding more over the weekend.
Very exciting. I hope. I've had my first order today but I'm not quite sure what to expect in terms of sales. Perhaps lots more trips to the post office or perhaps not. I'm in their valentines catalogue so I'm hoping for a few orders but we'll have to wait and see when it comes out next week............


Ceri E. S. White said...

Good luck... I'll be really interested to see how you get on with this... keep us posted! Ceri x

John Green said...

Hi Alison,

Do they charge you to be on there? I've heard they have large fee's!


Alison said...

John - not too bad. A one-off joining fee which seemed big at the time and thereafter they take commission but so far it's proving very worthwhile.